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When you have a serious legal matter, you need experienced, effective, clear and understandable legal representation. You need an attorney who will prepare you for what is ahead while fighting to protect your rights and interests!

The Law Office of H. Edward Andrews III

Since 1980, Attorney H. Edward Andrews III has earned a reputation in Baltimore City, Maryland as a skilled prosecutor, trying cases and protecting the people of Baltimore. Now, as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Andrews compiles his litigating experience, knowledge of the court systems and judges in Maryland's Baltimore, Cecil and Harford counties to protect the people from unjust targeting and prosecution!

A Word From Attorney H. Edward Andrews III

H Edward Andrews III DUI/DWI, Criminal Defense and Divorce/Domestic Attorney in Bel Air, MD
Do not allow the State to bully you out of your rights! Truth of the matter is that prosecuting attorneys naturally have an advantage in the courtroom over defendants. Many defendants aren't capable of producing adequate legal representation and because of this fact many end up bargaining their rights away. With the Law Office of H. Edward Andrews III, the buck stops here! I have dedicated my professional life to the tradition of public service and I want to use my knowledge and legal skill to help you obtain real resolution to your legal issues. Contact my office today in Bel Air for an initial consultation if you have a DUI/DWI, Criminal or Divorce/Domestic issue hanging over your head; allow my office to help shoulder that burden.